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What are the
benefits for you?
  • ​​Recovery from EBV, inside out!
  • Spiritual transformation!
What is included in the Power Group?
  • ​Complete transformation of your life as you experience deep healing from EBV and beyond!
  • ​Close work with me in an intimate setting with just 3 other EBV Heroes like you.
  • ​Access to complete EBV Recovery Program.
  • ​Direct access to me in our 6 months of weekly group calls. 
  • ​Small group setting - max 4 participants.
  • ​Two SOS calls (45-60 min) just for you and me for any reason.
  • ​Lots of love and any additional resources and support you need that I can provide to customize your journey during this Program that are outside of the scope of the EBV Recovery Program, and that includes additional ideas/suggested lab testing, etc. for your doctor(s)
What is the
  • ​​Prepaid Program: $14,997
  • ​Payment Plan: 8 monthly payments of $1920
  • ​EBV Recovery Program alumni/student rate: We roll what you already invested into the free
  • ​Cost of supplements is not included in the Program fee
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next steps?
  • ​​Finish the checkout process to receive your link to the Application form and Clarity Call scheduling page.
  • ​Complete the required Application forms and schedule your Clarity Call.
  • ​We will discuss with you if the Transformational EBV Group is indeed the perfect fit and when the next available group starts. Payment will follow if you enroll.
  • ​On our call, if we decide that the Group is not the ideal step for you, my promise is to still give you a helpful and practical tool to take with you so that this process is worth it for you.


This is a high level VIP coaching style  Program that is non-refundable. 

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