clarity session:  
save time, money and pain
in just one short 20-minute session!

Are you sick and tired of suffering from EBV? 
Are you confused where to start to get better? 
You came to the right place!
I created the Clarity Session just for you because 
I don't want you to continue going in circles for years, 
wasting your life and money.

"My mission is to not only help you resolve your Epstein-Barr Virus infection but also to help you create a life beyond your hopes and dreams."
- Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
Why a Clarity Session?
  • Get Better: I want you to know exactly how to move forward because I know you can get over EBV and get your life back.
  • ​Save time and money: Chances are you have spent thousands of dollars and years trying to get help with EBV. Clarity Session comes with an application where you have a chance to share your story and make the list of questions for me. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you even before we work together, so that we can quickly assess your situation and give you the right direction and resources, map out your next best steps, and help you prioritize, saving you years and thousands of dollars on unnecessary procedures, diets, therapies or products.
  • You get to ask questions if you are considering any of our programs or services.
  • Formulating a strategy begins here: You need an expert in EBV that can cut through the noise and help you get started. I am frustrated with people struggling with EBV having to suffer needlessly. 
  • Next Step: My promise to you is that by the end of the Clarity Session, you will truly have clarity about your EBV, what to do next, and even what to avoid. You will also receive any relevant notes, links, or handouts from our session. 
"Kasia Kines is my nutritionist – 
the most amazing nutritionist on the planet!!
- Rachel Druckenmiller
Workplace Leadership Advocate, Health and Wellness Specialist 
CEO of Unmuted Life and Rachel's Nourishing Kitchen
Our EBV Hero
Could this Be Your Story?
- Laura
"I had the pleasure of working with Kasia  in her program. Both my husband and I were blown away by the progress made in my overall health and well being in that short amount of time!

I have been struggling off an on with chronic reoccurring Epstein Barr Virus for the past 14 years. Through Kasia's guidance, research, recommended tests/blood work, and her expertise on EBV, we were able to get to the root of many other health issues I have been experiencing that we now know are related to this virus I have been struggling with over the years.
The best thing that Kasia gave us were the tools and resources to be able to both maintain my health AND to treat any future occurrences of EBV as well. I loved the recipes she provided, the relaxation tips and guidance, and her willingness to help in whatever other life situations we were dealing with at that time (like packing up our house and moving with just 3 weeks notice!).

AND, to top it all off, we were able to get pregnant with our second baby after having cleaned up my diet and getting on the vitamins and supplements that Kasia recommended. 

I cannot say enough good about everything she has done for us!!! I highly recommend her one-on-one clinical program, especially for those struggling with chronic fatigue symptoms/Epstein Barr Virus."

Does this Feel like You?

..You feel that EBV has robbed you of your life...

...The brain fog is unbearable - you feel like you are losing your mind, cannot recall simple words, and cannot even finish a sentence....

...The fatigue is hard to describe. It is nearly impossible to walk from the sofa to the kitchen...

...You feel like a failing mother. You are just too fatigued to be there for your children. That deeply depresses you...

...New diagnoses seem to keep popping up, including autoimmune like Lupus or Hashimoto's thyroiditis...
...You have spent thousands of dollars over several years seeing 20 or more doctors, trying various therapies, doing expensive testing, and ... at the end of the day, you are are still not better, depleted emotionally and financially and demoralized, starting to believe this is as good as it gets...while life is just passing you by...

...You have unexplained pain, chronic headaches, painful neck and lymph nodes, odd anxieties preventing you from driving...

...You wake up with heart palpitations in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, worried and anxious, and you simply cannot get a good night sleep...
...Your loved ones cannot understand the depth of your pain, fatigue and brain fog. Your marriage is on the brink...

...Your doctor gives you an antidepressant and your husband tells you to start exercising and "it will make you feel better", but if you attempt to walk or run, you simply crash for another 2 days and are bed-ridden again...

...You are a young professional, but EBV forced you to move in with your parents - you can no longer take care of yourself...

You are alone, terrified, and losing hope. So much pain. So long. 
It hurts. And no one has answers you deserve.

Now you CAN get the answers:

“Dr. Kasia Kines is one of the most BRILLIANT, and – importantly – clinically experienced functional nutritionists in the world." 
 - Dr. Jessica Drummond, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, DCN, CCN, PT 
Founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and 
Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
What My Clients Say...
"Her in-depth knowledge, compassion, and persistence got us to the root of the issue. We used food and natural supplements to reverse the Hashimoto’s disease and sent the Epstein Barr Virus packing!"
- Kate
"Working with Kasia in a 4 month Nutritional Program has been nothing short of amazing! Kasia left no stone unturned from the moment we met. Beyond her deep knowledge of Nutrition and the body, she has an uncommon knowing of what is needed at the right time. Her compassion, level of service, knowledge and expertise is unparalleled to any Practitioner I have met or worked with. She will dive deep into getting answers for you. Last but not least, her protocols are scientifically researched and proven effective. I truly feel blessed to have met and worked with her to improve my nutritional status, health and well being. Very rewarding experience!"
- Audrey
"My health is great and my eating is even better. Your guidance helped me so much."
- Kori
"I owe you my life. Feeling fabulous, not scared of what I am eating any more. This is the best I have felt for almost two years"
- Dianne
"I have been so busy just catching up on my life from being so ill with EBV! I feel better than I did before I was sick! I can't thank you enough for all the help. I haven't felt this good in a very long time.”
- Niko
"Kasia is one of the most amazing practitioners I have ever had a pleasure of working with! She is very insightful and caring, always taking that extra mile for things I would never expect from most people, not to mention doctors or other clinicians. She is one of the best examples of how all medical professionals and other health providers should treat their patients and clients."
- Dino
"You’ve been so kind to me and always believed in me. You’re one of the smartest and most caring individuals. You have changed my life and I’ll always be grateful to you. You taught me that my body still needed to heal and that I needed to nourish it. You taught me to feed myself so that I could heal and be healthy." 
- Charlotte
"Working with Kasia has been a true blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how the gut works. She listens, is thorough, and really works hard to find the root of the problem. I would highly recommend her to any family or friend struggling with GI health. My only complaint is I wish I would have found her years ago! Kasia is a lifesaver"
- Holli
"We have only had 3 sessions for my chronic EBV so far and I love the process - we are finding what my body responds well to and likes and I went to spin class 5 days in a row this week!!!!! I haven’t been able to do that in 2 years."
- Alisha
"Kasia Kines is a phenomenal functional nutritionist who is a very detailed, patient oriented, well informed person who 'knows her stuff'"
- Maud
"Kasia is a saving graceI NEVER would have gotten through this without her." 
- Cindy
You Can Heal Fast 
with the Right Tools and Support
"Last night I slept almost 8 hours. That is the best night’s sleep in over 20 years! Thank you, Kasia." 
- Kathy
"Thank you so much for working with me and helping me figure out my Hashimoto’s. Everything you said and suggested was spot on and I will take all your advice along with me as I continue my journey to optimal health."
- Silvina
"I was referred to Kasia Kines by Dr. Gerald Mullin from Johns Hopkins. Kasia was very helpful with my diet as I have many many digestive problems and food sensitivities. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes her time listening to every issue. From the moment I met Kasia she made me feel very at ease. Not only is she an excellent nutritionist but a very caring person as well."
- Barbara
"I must share with you how things are going. This is the 4th day and all I can say is phenomenal!
Brain fog – gone !
Energy- returned !
Cravings- gone !

I can’t stop telling my family how wonderful I feel. Even the fight or flight/anxiety feelings I have been struggling with are lifted. I feel calm and relaxed. Thank you again for your help and encouragement, your clear explanation of everything and your very tender approach to help patients make such profound changes to their lives. It has made me so much more aware of how nutrition is the root of improving health and overall mental well-being."
- Rachel
"We thought the Clarity Session with Dr. Kines was very helpful in our decision to hire her. It gave us the opportunity to get to know her better, to ask questions about the programs she offers, and ultimately to “interview” her to see if we thought her services would be a good fit for us.

Even prior to our Session, she was already sending us research articles based on the application I had filled out and sent to her – we were very impressed with her willingness to jump right in, even before we had the Session. We felt that spoke volumes as to the amount of work/effort she would be willing to put in throughout the Program, and it gave us a chance to see the amount of resources she has access to to help guide us on this nutrition journey.

Overall, we thought the Clarity Session was worth every penny we paid, as it gave us a taste for the expertise and wealth of knowledge that Dr. Kines has to offer."
- Laura C.
"I recently told Kasia that she saved my life and her response was that I saved my own life. Without her, I am not sure how I would have achieved over 8 weeks with just one migraine. Ask my husband, he will tell you even more…."
- Kathleen
"In July 2015 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with adrenal fatigue and leaky guy syndrome as complications. As I laid awake most nights suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, and hair loss I realized that I couldn’t do this alone and that I couldn’t afford NOT to make the financial, emotional, mental, and physical commitment to support this complicated disease. I started working with Kasia Kines in May 2016 and two months later I'm seeing results! I’m sleeping each night, I’m feeling more alert and energetic, I’m noticing that my skin is softer and appears younger, I’m seeing my acne improve, I’m finding new hair growth, and I’m watching my dark eye circles fade! I’m so excited to have the knowledge to support my health for life thanks to Kasia! 
You went through my health history with a fine-toothed comb and put all the pieces together to pin-point each and every nutrient deficiency and customize the supplements for me. The resources you provide really help me to understand WHY we’re doing these things so that I am more successful at remembering to make these changes. It also helps when you explain little details like why we eat raw fruit first."
- Jennifer

Dr. Kines is the CEO and Founder of Global Epstein-Barr Virus Institute, an international leader in recovery therapy for chronic EBV, an Amazon best-selling author, a wellness expert, and a highly respected doctor of clinical nutrition. 

She is a graduate of Bastyr University, the "Harvard of Natural Medicine" and its world-acclaimed graduate nutrition program. She was also in the first ever cohort of doctorate level in functional clinical nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Since 2005, Dr. Kines has built an international reputation as a clinical functional nutritionist, from working at Johns Hopkins University to clients globally, to her ground-breaking book, The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution. 

Dr. Kines has developed a proprietary evidence-based methodology and approach to EBV recovery, which she teaches those suffering from acute and chronic EBV in her successful EBV Recovery Program. She also trains her methodology in her Clinician EBV Training and Certification Program. 

Dr. Kines is a passionate advocate for debunking common misinformation about EBV in medical community and lectures on this topic extensively. She is on a mission to bring her EBV knowledge and solution to the world globally, so no one needs to suffer needlessly from this misunderstood virus and its complications.
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