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Can One Call Change Your Life?

Are you sick and tired of suffering from EBV? 

Are you ready to do what it takes to get over EBV once and for all if you find a proven system and a guide you can trust?

Then let's jump on Clarity Session to see if my EBV Recovery Program is that perfect solution for your EBV struggle. 

I don't want you to continue going in circles for years, wasting your life and money. 

Being well and living your life is your birthright.

"My mission is to not only help you resolve your Epstein-Barr Virus infection but also to help you create a life beyond your hopes and dreams."
- Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
CEO & Founder of
EBV Global Institute
Benefits of Clarity Session
"We thought the Clarity Session with Dr. Kines was very helpful in our decision to join her program. It gave us the opportunity to get to know her better, to ask questions about the program, and ultimately to “interview” her to see if we thought it would be a good fit for us. 

Even prior to our Session, she was already sending us research articles based on the application I had filled out and sent to her – we were very impressed with her willingness to jump right in, even before we had the Session. We felt that spoke volumes as to the amount of work/effort she would be willing to put in throughout the Program, and it gave us a chance to see the amount of resources she has access to to help guide us on this nutrition journey. 

Overall, we thought the Clarity Session was worth every penny we paid, as it gave us a taste for the expertise and wealth of knowledge that Dr. Kines has to offer." 

- Laura

What to Expect
  • Hope that you too can get better, like many others in the Program. We will discuss exactly how the EBV Recovery Program I developed will move you forward and give you your life back regardless of how many things you tried because it is proven and evidence-based. I created Clarity Session because most people actually do NOT believe that they can recover with this Program, which is understanding given how many things they have already tried in vain.
  • ​You will save time and money:  Like most in our EBV community, you have probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars and years of your life trying so hard to get help with EBV and have little to show for it, not for the lack of trying. You have doubts, fears about your deteriorating health, millions of unresolved questions... but no one seems to hear you or understand what exactly you are going through. Clarity Session comes with an application form where I invite you to share your story in detail and make a list of questions for me - I read every bit of it before our call. I WILL hear you! Our EBV Recovery Program is truly life-changing and I want you to speak to me before investing in it, so you have 100% confidence that this is the right program for you! If it is, it will be your LAST investment in EBV, and it will save you years of your life and thousands and thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills.
  • You get to ask any questions about EBV and your situation and I am delighted to answer them.
  • Formulating a strategy begins here: You need an expert in EBV that can cut through the noise and help you get started. I am frustrated with people struggling with EBV having to suffer needlessly. My EBV Recovery Program is meticulously designed for people with chronic and acute EBV.
  • Next Step: My promise to you is that by the end of the Clarity Session, you will truly have clarity about your EBV, what to do next, and even what to avoid. You will walk away without anxiety, with a deeper understanding of EBV, knowing in your heart of hearts that you CAN heal. And if we both agree EBV Recovery Program is the best plan, I will roll $300 of what you invested into the Clarity Session right into the EBV Recovery Program as my gift for your saying yes to your future.
  • ​Is spirituality important to you? Spiritual growth is an important part of healing to more and more people, and I find that it is particularly relevant to our EBV student and alumni community. If it is true for you, we will include this topic in our conversation and I will map out how the EBV Program has a spiritual backbone available for you. 
What Our EBV Recovery Program Alumni Are Saying...
"Dr. Kasia has literally changed my life.

I quit going to medical doctors at a young age because none of them could ever figure out what was wrong with me. My parents wanted to pursue natural and holistic alternatives to solve my health puzzle. Some things that we tried worked temporarily, but nothing lasted. Even in the natural world, it seemed no one understood EBV.

I’m now 28 and have been in an off-and-on battle with EBV for over half of my life. When I found Dr. Kasia, I was in a place of absolute fear that I was going to be sick and debilitated for the rest of my life.

I now know that that is not true AT ALL, because EBV is the root of my chronic symptoms and Dr. Kasia has given me the tools to win the battle against EBV every single time.

I feel empowered and hopeful for the first time in my life."
- Rachel Adams


"Dr. Kines saved my life!

Kasia is the queen CAEBV. She is a true healer and caring human. <3  I have so much love for you all, we are not alone!

Before this program, I was googling treatments for MS because I was bedridden. Now those scary symptoms are gone, and I am getting my life back after struggling on and off since I was 14 (I am 30 now).

This Program has been crucial for me. I offer my candid endorsement and support!  I have fallen in love with life again,  and I have so much hope and enthusiasm for my future now."
- Virginia P.
"I truly believe the EBV Program saved my hearing and gave back my life!

Prior to the course, my right ear had severe hearing loss with a true threat of going deaf caused by EBV.  

Dr. Kasia’s Program helped me get healthier and stronger and my hearing has improved dramatically. My neck is so smooth now. There are no swollen glands and the debilitating neck pain is all gone.

I now have energy to do the things I like such as gardening or yoga. I now have a love of cooking too, which I used to dread. And, this awesome course has given me the skills to prevent EBV from reactivating and if it does, I know exactly what to do!

Dr. Kasia is a compassionate practitioner who goes over and beyond to help her students. For example, she had each program video transcribed so the class could have a printed copy, and I found this to be extremely helpful due to my hearing difficulties.

This course is a lifesaver and worth every penny!!   
Thank you, Kasia!!"
- Sue Starling


"I wanted to say that the EBV Recovery program was the best spent money in the past 5 years.

The amount of information, support and understanding is nowhere near tons of investment, numerous doctors, healers, practitioners that claimed to help but instead leave more confusion and suffering.

And I am finally getting better first time in years! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
- Mary Jones
"The EBV Recovery course was phenomenal.

From top to bottom the course covered everything I needed to know to help me on my journey. There wasn’t one stone left unturned.

If you have EBV or even if you simply suspect it you will learn so much valuable information in this course that you can apply it for healthful living for the rest of your life.

It is transformational!"
- Jennifer


"When I think of Dr. Kines, the first word that comes to my mind is Amazing! However, that word doesn’t even come close to describe the impact she’s had on my life.

Four years ago, my life completely changed. I went from someone who never was sick, to someone who was always sick! Not only always sick, but sicker than I had ever been in my life. My energy was nonexistent even though I would sleep sometimes 10 hours in a day. The sore throats, fever, ringing in my ears, vertigo and on and on. You name it, I had it.

I went from doctor to doctor with absolutely no progress. I even had a rheumatologist tell me I needed to accept my “new” life. He previously lost two patients to suicide from this disease because they couldn’t “accept” their symptoms. Given all of this, I was pretty skeptical when I took Dr. Kines' program. Wow, was I wrong!!! One thousand percent wrong!! The information I learned from this program is invaluable to me.

My symptoms have left almost completely and I was even able to begin exercising again, which is the cherry on top!

I now have the tools I so desperately needed to get my life back. Thank you Dr. Kines!
I am forever grateful!!"
- Ingrid

Here is Ingrid's EBV recovery story in a short audio
she wanted to share with you..

Could this Be Your Story?
- Laura
"I had the pleasure of working with Kasia in her program. Both my husband and I were blown away by the progress made in my overall health and well being in that short amount of time!

I have been struggling off an on with chronic reoccurring Epstein Barr Virus for the past 14 years. Through Kasia's guidance, research, recommended tests/blood work, and her expertise on EBV, we were able to get to the root of many other health issues I have been experiencing that we now know are related to this virus I have been struggling with over the years.
The best thing that Kasia gave us were the tools and resources to be able to both maintain my health AND to treat any future occurrences of EBV as well. I loved the recipes she provided, the relaxation tips and guidance, and her willingness to help in whatever other life situations we were dealing with at that time (like packing up our house and moving with just 3 weeks notice!).

AND, to top it all off, we were able to get pregnant with our second baby after having cleaned up my diet and getting on the vitamins and supplements that Kasia recommended. 

I cannot say enough good about everything she has done for us!!! I highly recommend her one-on-one clinical program, especially for those struggling with chronic fatigue symptoms/Epstein Barr Virus."

Does this Feel like You?

The brain fog is unbearable - you feel like you're losing your mind, cannot recall simple words, and cannot even finish a sentence.

The fatigue is impossible to describe. You're dragging yourself from the sofa to the kitchen.

You feel like a failing parent. That deeply depresses you.

You feel like new diagnoses keep popping up and more are autoimmune: Lupus, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, etc.
You endure unexplained pain, chronic headaches, painful neck and lymph nodes, odd anxieties

You wake up with heart palpitations in the middle of the night, worried and anxious, and you simply cannot get a good night sleep.

After thousands of dollars, 20 or more doctors, therapies, extensive tests, you're not better, starting to believe this is as good as it gets, while life is just passing you by.
Your loved ones don't get it. Your marriage is on the rocks.

You're told to get an antidepressant or exercise, but any attempt to walk or run means you crash.

You used to be a high performing professional or athlete.

You are alone, terrified, and losing hope. 

You are alone, terrified, and losing hope. 
So much pain. 
For so long. 

It hurts. 

And no one has answers you deserve.


Now you CAN get the answers:

More stories from our EBV students...
"Her in-depth knowledge, compassion, and persistence got us to the root of the issue. We used food and natural supplements to reverse the Hashimoto’s disease and sent the Epstein Barr Virus packing!"
- Kate

"Working with Kasia in her Program has been nothing short of amazing! Kasia left no stone unturned from the moment we met. Beyond her deep knowledge of Nutrition and the body, she has an uncommon knowing of what is needed at the right time. Her compassion, level of service, knowledge and expertise is unparalleled to any Practitioner I have met or worked with. She will dive deep into getting answers for you. Last but not least, her protocols are scientifically researched and proven effective. I truly feel blessed to have met and worked with her to improve my nutritional status, health and well being. Very rewarding experience!"
- Audrey

"My health is great and my eating is even better. Your guidance helped me so much."
- Kori
"I owe you my life. Feeling fabulous, not scared of what I am eating any more. This is the best I have felt for almost two years"
- Dianne

"I have been so busy just catching up on my life from being so ill with EBV! I feel better than I did before I got sick with EBV! I can't thank you enough for all the help. I haven't felt this good in a very long time.”
- Niko

"Kasia is one of the most amazing practitioners I have ever had a pleasure of working with! She is very insightful and caring, always taking that extra mile for things I would never expect from most people, not to mention doctors or other clinicians. She is one of the best examples of how all medical professionals and other health providers should treat their patients and clients."
- Dino

"You’ve been so kind to me and always believed in me. You’re one of the smartest and most caring individuals. You have changed my life and I’ll always be grateful to you. You taught me that my body still needed to heal and that I needed to nourish it. You taught me to feed myself so that I could heal and be healthy." 
- Charlotte
"Working with Kasia has been a true blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how the gut works. She listens, is thorough, and really works hard to find the root of the problem. I would highly recommend her to any family or friend struggling with GI health. My only complaint is I wish I would have found her years ago! Kasia is a lifesaver"
- Holli

"We have only had 3 sessions for my chronic EBV so far and I love the process - we are finding what my body responds well to and likes and I went to spin class 5 days in a row this week!!!!! I haven’t been able to do that in 2 years."
- Alisha

"Kasia Kines is a phenomenal functional nutritionist who is a very detailed, patient oriented, well informed person who 'knows her stuff'"
- Maud

"Kasia is a saving graceI NEVER would have gotten through this without her." 
- Cindy
What Doctors I Trained Are Saying...
"I want to thank you for all of your incredible work to put this course together. I've learned a great deal [...]. It's been eye opening and I'm able to tolerate foods that I was not able to tolerate previously! You sharing your knowledge, expertise and commitment has changed my life. You have given me information and understanding to be able to stay on top of my EBV. 

You offered the most hope for me in the last 60 years

I now understand what my triggers are, can catch it early and reduce the feeling from "a semi-truck hitting me" to being hit by an old "Volkswagon bug”. You taught me exactly what to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Thank you!"
- Barbara Maddoux
Registered Nurse, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP)
""I've been telling everyone how smart you are and how well your program has been working on my patients!"
- Ann Auburn
Doctor of Osteopathy
Founder of Natural Health Improvement Center P.C.

"I have been using Dr. Kines’ protocols [...] and I get wonderful results with my patients. [These are patients who] have been struggling with chronic fatigue for 5, 10.. sometimes 20+ years! There is SO MUCH we can do, and we DO these protocols and they help. Tremendously. They get my patients not only their energy but their lives back. […] 
- Laura D’Itri
Functional Medicine Practitioner
What Readers of My Book Are Saying...
"This book is great for practitioners AND patients, and it’s a great resource to show your doctor if necessary! To show them that that there IS something wrong. It’s not all in your head. And there IS SO MUCH you can do!!"
- Laura D’Itri
Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Your book is really a life saver. I'd still be nowhere without it. God bless your continued efforts to help us with such comprehensive and practical solutions."
- Erica L.

"Within 3 weeks of following the protocols and suggestions in the book, I felt the best that I had in 6 years."
- Michelle
"I am sitting here in complete gratitude for Dr. Kines’ amazing book. It is clearly the culmination of years of study and research. For the last decade, I have longed for a manual that deep dives into Epstein Barr Virus and how to manage its insidious nature in my patient population. As an MD, I am so happy that this book exists. I have learned so much by reading this book, and my patients will benefit greatly from this extensively in-depth work."
- Alejandra Carrasco, MD

"Dr. Kasia’s compassionate book provides information that can be implemented in the lives of those who just want to live a healthier, cleaner life. For example, her tips on finding clean water sources, detoxifying your body and your environment, and ways to help reduce the stress on your mind and body have made an immediate impact in my life and the lives of my children. I’ve also tried many recipes and learned so much about how to eat better – what an amazing gift!"
- Danielle
"This book should be in the hands of every healthcare professional in the world and every patient who struggles with chronic infections of any kind."
- Liz Lipski,PhD, CNS, CCN, CHN
Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Director of Academic Development, Nutrition Program, MUIH Author on nutrition, including “Digestion Connection”

"Kasia and her book have been a lifesaver. For all the people suffering with chronic illnesses, one or more autoimmune conditions and other symptoms that have struggled to find help, this book is for you."
- Julie
"Dr. Kasia Kines is one of the most brilliant, and – importantly – clinically experienced functional nutritionists in the world. She has a depth of understanding of biochemistry, food, and patient care. I highly recommend learning from her, especially in the areas of chronic viral infections, SIBO, and for better understanding how to unravel the health challenges of patients with chronic, complex conditions. She is a compassionate mentor who will teach you a lot!"
- Dr. Jessica Drummond, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, DCN, CCN, PT
Founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
Meet Dr. Kines

I hope to meet you at the Clarity Session!

My name is Dr. Kasia Kines. I will truly be honored to be your guide on your journey to healing and recovery from EBV if you decide to join my EBV Recovery Program.

Why EBV?

So many clients I was seeing over the years in my clinic were just like you...not getting better even though they did everything I asked them to do.  I always sought the best trainings available the US and still there were those few clients that hit the wall no matter what we did!

The real personal heartache and turning point for me came when I lost a close friend to complications of an autoimmune disorder (I now suspect chronic EBV) after she fought for her life for nearly 20 years. Why was I not able to help her? 

Most recently, in fall 2021, I also got EBV as a result of repeated exposure to the toxic mold! And yes, mold is one of the activating triggers for this virus! I got EBV and I got over it within days with the same protocol you will learn in this Program. 

It is your turn now to recover.

When I discovered EBV years ago, a light bulb went on in my mind and I never looked back until I was able to map out a complete turn-key and evidence-based approach to EBV, which I will be excited to share with you at the Clarity Session. To this day,  it is beyond my comprehension why EBV is not being diagnosed, tested and treated properly, but that ends here. 
Who am I exactly?

My professional background:

I'm the CEO and Founder of the Global Epstein-Barr Virus Institute, EBV Educational Institute, and Holistic Nutrition Naturally, a global leader in recovery therapy for chronic EBV, an Amazon best-selling author of the Epstein-Barr Virus Solution, a wellness expert, and a highly respected doctor of clinical nutrition. 

I'm a graduate of Bastyr University, the "Harvard of Natural Medicine" and its world-acclaimed graduate nutrition program. I'm also a doctor of functional clinical nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Since 2005, I've built an international reputation as a clinical functional nutritionist, from being sought after by Johns Hopkins University to clients globally, to my ground-breaking book about EBV. 

I've developed a solid proprietary evidence-based methodology and approach to EBV recovery and I provide clinical professional training in my methodology to other practitioners in Clinical EBV Training and Certification Program and EBV Practitioner Workshop. It gives me so much joy to hear stories about the EBV patients of the doctors I have trained and how these patients are now living their full lives now.

My vision for EBV:

I'm a passionate advocate for debunking common misinformation about EBV in medical community and lecture on this topic extensively. I'm on a mission to bring my EBV knowledge and solution to the world globally, so no one needs to suffer needlessly from this misunderstood virus and its complications. My vision is that one day soon EBV infection will be caught so early that anyone will be able to address it head on and stop it in its track before a reactivation. In my dream, EBV is just like a cold or a sniffle. Where both doctors and patients can recognize it instantly and jump on simple measures to prevent a full reactivation and any damage that comes with it. It is time! YES!

Spiritual Vision for our EBV community and beyond:

Like many others at this time, I have responded to a spiritual calling... and I have come out of a spiritual closet. I have been studying and training in spiritual growth for my own benefit in order to grow and become a better human being and then to pass what I learn on to our EBV community to help facilitate a much deeper transformation in their lives beyond just the physical healing from EBV - a life of joy and fulfillment. I believe that every person I can help open their spiritual connection will then have a trickling effect shining their light on others, inspiring others to also open their hearts and live out their joy and heart's desire, which is the best kind of spiritual practice!

On a more personal note:

I live in Kingston, WA, with my zen master and spiritual teacher Charlie the cat, who actually helped me write the EBV book. If I'm not helping our EBV Heroes and our EBV advocacy, I am probably cooking up a storm, helping a horse in need or I'm out in the beautiful PNW nature, somewhere close to the Salish Sea.
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