A Journey of Healing from EBV and Spiritual Transformation

Exclusive 6 Months of Weekly Coaching with the World's Leading EBV Expert:

Deep Healing
Complete Freedom from EBV
A New Life of Joy
An Intimate Group of 4 Max

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What if ...
... You could learn proven ways to stand up to your EBV, sending it into remissionand getting your life back
... You could release old patterns and negative energies you're stuck with along with EBV, moving past all that no longer serves you and reconnecting with your spirituality for a new level of being?
... What if you could break out of your fears and anxieties, open your heart, and experience your authentic self - with ease, grace and joy?

Illuminate Healing VIP Program 
Combines the Physical & Metaphysical
Healing beyond EBV

Which Will Help You:

Take your life back from EBV and never fear it again

Deepen your spiritual connection and your Spiritual Self 

Learn how to live in your Authentic Self, so that you can heal 

Release your fears and anxiety

Lift your depression and stop holding back

Develop a strong Loving Wise Adult, that higher part of you that loves you unconditionally

Feel your heart open

And so much more!

Program Schedule:

We meet every week, alternating between EBV recovery (Track 1) & spiritual healing work (Track 2)

Zoom calls are every Tuesday 10am-12pm Pacific (1pm-3pm Eastern)

All calls are recorded and available as replays

We start August 16, 2022 and end February 14, 2023

What's Included in the Program

Track 1: Healing from EBV

  • Lifetime access to and guidance through the entire EBV Recovery Program - details here:
  • Coaching and customization of the EBV Protocol for each person 
  • ​Individual coaching on cofactors, co-infections, needed lab work and more
  • ​Clinical supplement assessment, recommendations and resourcing 
  • 2 group calls a month, 2 hours each
  • ​Calls are every other Tuesday 10-noon pm PT (1-3pm EST) 
  • ​We laugh, we cry, and we celebrate together!


  • Personalized Care Package
  • One Extra Focus Group Call
  • 2 Individual Bonus Calls 
  • and more

Track 2: Spiritual Healing

  • You'll be guided to learn proven ways to align with your Authentic Self - the foundation of true healing!
  • Deepening Spiritual Connection: Developing Spiritual Practice and Understanding Your Inner Relationships
  • Deepening Self-Love: Emotional Boundaries, Developing Loving Wise Adult
  • Holistic Approach to Anxiety and Depression: Transforming False Beliefs, Releasing Core Shame, Trauma and Unprocessed Feelings
  • ​Holistic Breakthrough Method: Understanding Your Own Inner Relationships, Changing Your Dominant Feeling, Conditioned Self versus Authentic Self
  • ​2 group calls a month, 2 hours each
  • ​Calls are every other Tuesday 10am-noon PT (1-3pm EST) 

Has EBV Dimmed Your Light? 

I know it's been a long and lonely journey. Many doctors, therapies, diets and tests - you tried them all. Your doctor told you to get on an antidepressant and that "it's all in your head"... You drag yourself from bed to the kitchen, struggling to show up on our job, as a mom, as a spouse, feeling like you're letting everyone down, carrying guilt about it. It's hard to explain the depth of the fatigue and brain fog to others. 

You feel part of you is already dying. 

It doesn't have to be this way - from the desk of Dr. Kines

The truth is that EBV is treatable, reversible, and predictable. I see the magic of recovery every day. 

EBV is a tough and unwelcome teacher, but an important teacher nonetheless that we have to respect. 

EBV teaches us a new level of respect for and attention to our body ... and our soul (yep). 

EBV is an opportunist. It likes to strike when you are most vulnerable. 

I believe it is your birth right to be well. Get over EBV. Period. And we have a system in place. We got you! We know how to stop this virus.

I believe there is more to healing and a life you love than just "fixing" a medical condition like EBV. You deserve so much more.

Over nearly two decades in my clinical practice, I came to believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

Mind, body and spirit are not just a cliche. Healing goes beyond the physical. Opening our heart and our spiritual connection can facilitate the deepest and most beautiful transformations I have watched in people. 

This is why, Illuminate Healing has been born, finally connecting the physical and the metaphysical into one journey: the recovery from EBV and a deeper spiritual growth, transforming your life. 

This is what I believe. And I believe in you: I believe you can heal.

Here's to transforming your life!

Dr. Kines

Will This Be Your Story?


"Joining this EBV Group was one of the best decisions I could have ever made!"

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 "I'm able to dream again. I am free... having the time of my life  and following my dream!"

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 "I have fallen in love with life again, and I have so much hope and  enthusiasm for my future now!"

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 "The first word that comes to mind is AMAZING, but the word doesn't even come close to describe the impact Dr. Kines had on my life".

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This Group has been absolutely amazing for me! 

Dealing with EBV for the past 10 years along with other health issues was a challenging and lonely road before discovering Dr. Kines and her EBV Group. I received the support, understanding, and knowledgeable, compassionate care that I always wanted but could never find in traditional medical practices. Dr. Kines breaks everything down beautifully in such a way that a tired brain can understand! She really took a genuine and sincere interest in me and my health (and my family's health as well!).

With her assistance I was able to make some HUGE discoveries and improvements in my health and she has armed me with the priceless knowledge of how to really care for my health and body while dealing with autoimmune issues. 

I can't express in words how amazing Dr. Kines is, but I will just say that if you are sick of being sick and you feel frustrated with your health journey so far and are looking for support, understanding, and real help, then Dr. Kines is for you! 

She has helped me with SO MANY health issues that have popped up along the way on this journey and she just shares her knowledge and wisdom so freely! She is truly a gem and joining the EBV Power Group was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! 

Thank you Dr. Kines!!

- Beth Adams 
For about 30 years, I had experienced flare ups of debilitating fatigue and deep brain fog. I had constant migraines and digestion problems no matter how hard I tried to follow a healthy lifestyle. I always suspected an autoimmune disorder because my late mom suffered from Lupus for most of her life, however I was never able to get a proper diagnosis. As a working mom, I felt that the quality of my life would always be compromised due to this chronic physical and mental weakness. 

I started to feel better right away and my life has turned around ever since! It sounds like magic but it truly did. Until then, never in my life had I felt that I was progressively feeling better. It was a great contrast when my brain fog went away and it seemed like for once I could think straight and with clarity, something impossible in the past. This program gave me the tools to arrest an EBV attack right on the spot! I finally feel I no longer have to suffer.  

What I love about this program... 

Is that I was in a small circle of people just like me, where we shared our challenges and celebrations. The personal care we received from Dr. Kines during our 6 months of coaching calls ensured that our progress was sustainable and permanent. During that time, I was able to travel internationally around the globe in COVID and NOT reactivate EBV! Instead I was having the time of my life and following my dream! 

I have been able to get my life back, but not only that. I am able to start dreaming again of what I had always wanted for years to do with my life but was too sick to even contemplate. I feel so empowered to know that I can stop the EBV reactivation within the next 24 hours if or when it happens. 

No more months and years of pain, brain fog, migraines, digestive issues and overwhelming fatigue! 
The crippling suffering all those years of my life. I am free.

- Lamia H.
Dr. Kines saved my life!

Kasia is the queen CAEBV. She is a true healer and caring human. <3  I have so much love for you all, we are not alone!

Before this program, I was googling treatments for MS because I was bedridden. Now those scary symptoms are gone, and I am getting my life back after struggling on and off since I was 14 (I am 30 now). 

This Program has been crucial for me. I offer my candid endorsement and support!  I have fallen in love with life again,  and I have so much hope and enthusiasm for my future now.

- Virginia P.
When I think of Dr. Kines, the first word that comes to my mind is Amazing! However, that word doesn’t even come close to describe the impact she’s had on my life. 

Four years ago, my life completely changed. I went from someone who never was sick, to someone who was always sick! Not only always sick, but sicker than I had ever been in my life. My energy was nonexistent even though I would sleep sometimes 10 hours in a day. The sore throats, fever, ringing in my ears, vertigo and on and on. You name it, I had it. 

I went from doctor to doctor with absolutely no progress. I even had a rheumatologist tell me I needed to accept my “new” life. He previously lost two patients to suicide from this disease because they couldn’t “accept” their symptoms. Given all of this, I was pretty skeptical when I took Dr. Kines' program. Wow, was I wrong!!! One thousand percent wrong!! The information I learned from this program is invaluable to me. 

My symptoms have left almost completely and I was even able to begin exercising again, which is the cherry on top! 

I now have the tools I so desperately needed to get my life back. Thank you Dr. Kines! 
I am forever grateful!!

- Ingrid
Full Payment will only be collected from applicants after
having their Connect Call and being approved by Dr. Kines.

Your Investment:

Full pay
biggest savings 

in eight monthly payments

If you already are in our EBV Recovery Program:

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Full Payment will only be collected from applicants after
having their Clarity Call and being approved by Dr. Kines.

Meet Dr. Kasia Kines

I am honored you’re considering this unique and transformative Illuminate Healing VIP Experience!

Who am I?

I’m a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and CEO and Founder of EBV Global Institute, a clinical nutritionist of nearly 20 years. I want to believe that I'm leading the world toward one where EBV is just a sniffle. I wrote the Amazon best-selling “EBV Bible” The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution, teach both doctors and people with EBV how to recover from EBV, and I've been debunking mis-information about EBV for a while now. My goal is to get this message out to one million people out there. And then another million. To really change how EBV is understood and treated!

My Spiritual Awakening:

I'm a passionate advocate and an imperfect student of spiritual growth and joy as an essential piece to the true healing and fulfilled life. My personal spiritual healing started when I met a very ill and compassionate horse named Sister, who changed my life. Sister is the reason why I am here today, inviting you to this life-changing transformational experience. She is definitely guiding this process... Horses are our angel messengers!
And I even have my own EBV story now:

My focus on EBV started after I lost a dear friend to MS and I was desperately looking for answers why I couldn't help her. I didn't have EBV myself until fall 2021 at the age of 54, and then in February 2022, as a result of repeated mold exposure from water damage in 3 consecutive houses (moving, remediating, moving again, remediating again...). I turned it off within 48 hours each time and fully recovered, doing exactly what I teach others and will teach you. I'm not afraid of EBV. I have a due respect for it, but my life is on my terms. I don't ever want YOU to be intimidated by EBV either.

When I'm not working...

I probably cook, weed around my trees, study books about horses or spirituality, volunteer at the local equine sanctuary, commune with evergreen trees, or walk on a local beach somewhere in the Pacific North West where I live. And I will not say no to a good Sci-Fi either!

With my dearest friend Sister, 
no longer with us in her physical body

Full Payment will only be collected from applicants after
having their Clarity Call and being approved by Dr. Kines.
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