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Change Your Life In One Day with Dr. Kines!
We are Currently Accepting a few more Clients for 
the Transformational Virtual VIP Day with Dr. Kines
Is that You?

  •  You have struggled with mystery illness or EBV for a long time: you are ready to heal now
  •  You are sick and tired of going in circles from doctor to doctor
  •  You have a positive attitude: you believe your body can heal
  •  Are you driven and can get things done. You can do a lot of heavy lifting-  you just need the right person to show you how
  •  You want a real in-depth assessment and not a 10-minute round about 
  •  You want it all: options, possibilities, needed labs, solutions 
  •  You do not have time, patience, need, and/or commitment  for a few month program 
  •  You work best in one long intense focused setting one on one
  •  You do not need accountability 
  •  You prefer a deep dive and even better, now 
  •  You are looking for complete customization for your needs 
  •  You are a go-getter and ready for a deep transformation 
Once your Application Gets Accepted:
1. We will get on the phone
2. We will discuss your case in more depth 
3. We will process the best form of payment
3. We will schedule your VIP Day and clarify your homework
“Dr. Kasia Kines is one of the most BRILLIANT, and – importantly – clinically experienced functional nutritionists in the world." 

 Dr. Jessica Drummond, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, DCN, CCN, PT Founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and 
Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
Our VIP Day Will Focus on Three Goals:
Session 1 

Deep Dive: Your Health History Unveiled

Session 2

Root Causes

Session 3 

Moving Forward:
to Get Your Life Back

  • ​A complete clinical assessment of your case
  • ​Analysis of everything you have done so far 
  • ​Functional analysis of the labs you have done
  • ​Searching for root causes of your symptoms
  • ​Setting up short and long term health goals
  • ​The "what and why" of the possible root causes: connecting the dots
  • ​Hidden pearls of wisdom behind the root causes
  • ​Latest and most relevant knowledge of your health challenges
  • ​A newly gained freedom from fear, anxiety and distrust of your body
  • ​A road map of exact strategies, resources, labs and more ... you will need moving forward to heal and sustain Vibrant Health
  • ​Cutting-edge customized solutions
  • Deep transformation of your concept of health, wellness, and what if possible for you
You Will also Get a A Bonus Session
A Bonus Session is a 45-minute follow-up within 30 days: your personal success and progress are very important to me. We will check on the progress and reassess if needed and I will put together a strategy for you moving forward. 
WORDS FROM my clients
"Her in-depth knowledge, compassion, and persistence got us to the root of the issue. We used food and natural supplements to reverse the Hashimoto’s disease and sent the Epstein Barr Virus packing!"
"I owe you my life. Feeling fabulous, not scared of what I am eating any more. This is the best I have felt for almost two years"
"Working with Dr. Kasia has been a true blessing to me. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how the gut works. She listens, is thorough, and really works hard to find the root of the problem. I would highly recommend her to any family or friend struggling with GI health. My only complaint is I wish I would have found her years ago!
Dr. Kasia is a lifesaver "
Who is the VIP Day NOT for?

  •   Your time zone is more than 3 hours from Pacific Standard Time 
  •  You have an active eating disorder  
  •  You are looking for a medical provider and medical treatment 
  •  You are looking for a magic pill or fad diet  
  •  You are too ill/weak for “one-day intensive”  
  •  You are too busy to make your health your priority 
  •  You want a service paid by medical insurance  
  •  You are severely underweight and are not under a medical care 
  • You are not ready or willing to open up and be vulnerable 
How Fast Can You Heal with the Right Tools and the Right Support?
"Both my husband and I were blown away by the progress made in my overall health and wellbeing. We even got pregnant during just 4 months." Laura

"Last night I slept almost 8 hours. That is the best night’s sleep in over 20 years! 
Thank you, Kasia. "  Kathy

"I must share with you how things are going. This is the 4th day and all I can say is phenomenal!
Brain fog – gone !
Energy- returned !
Cravings- gone !
"I can’t stop telling my family how wonderful I feel. Even the fight or flight/anxiety feelings I have been struggling with are lifted. I feel calm and relaxed. Thank you again for your help and encouragement, your clear explanation of everything and your very tender approach to help patients make such profound changes to their lives. It has made me so much more aware of how nutrition is the root of improving health and overall mental well-being." Rachel 

"In July 2015 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with adrenal fatigue and leaky guy syndrome as complications. As I laid awake most nights suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, and hair loss I realized that I couldn’t do this alone and that I couldn’t afford NOT to make the financial, emotional, mental, and physical commitment to support this complicated disease. 

I started working with Kasia Kines in May 2016 and two months later I am seeing results! I’m sleeping each night, I’m feeling more alert and energetic, I’m noticing that my skin is softer and appears younger, I’m seeing my acne improve, I’m finding new hair growth, and I’m watching my dark eye circles fade! I’m so excited to have the knowledge to support my health for life thanks to Kasia! 

You went through my health history with a fine-toothed comb and put all the pieces together to pin-point each and every nutrient deficiency and customize the supplements for me. The resources you provide really help me to understand WHY we’re doing these things so that I am more successful at remembering to make these changes. It also helps when you explain little details like why we eat raw fruit first." Jennifer

"My health is great and my eating is even better. Your guidance helped me so much." Kori

"You’ve been so kind to me and always believed in me. You’re one of the smartest and most caring individuals. You have changed my life and I’ll always be grateful to you. You taught me that my body still needed to heal and that I needed to nourish it. You taught me to feed myself so that I could heal and be healthy." Charlotte

"Thank you so much for working with me and helping me figure out my Hashimoto’s. Everything you said and suggested was spot on and I will take all your advice along with me as I continue my journey to optimal health." Silvina

"Kasia Kines is a phenomenal functional nutritionist who is a very detailed, patient oriented, well informed person who “knows her stuff” . Maud

"I recently told Kasia that she saved my life and her response was that I saved my own life. Without her, I am not sure how I would have achieved over 8 weeks with just one migraine. Ask my husband, he will tell you even more…." Kathleen

"Kasia is a saving grace…I NEVER would have gotten through this without her." Cindy

"I was referred to Kasia Kines by Dr. Gerald Mullin from Johns Hopkins. Kasia was very helpful with my diet as I have many many digestive problems and food sensitivities. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes her time listening to every issue. From the moment I met Kasia she made me feel very at ease. Not only is she an excellent nutritionist but a very caring person as well. " Barbara

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